High School Trips 

Partners in Service also specializes in service-learning for high school students and youth. The region of Guatemala in which most of our projects take place, Quetzaltenango, is a world-renowned hub for Spanish language immersion, and throughout our over 20 years of experience we have grown relationships with local Spanish schools, ecological preservation organizations, and communities to ensure each trip is a unique and unforgettable learning experience. Our multi-disciplinary high school projects have ranged in focus from cultural and linguistic immersion to ecological preservation, business and marketing, artisan craftsmanship, even geology. We design every detail to stoke a passion for service and education, down to each meal being an experience in indigenous foodways.



Examples of Past Projects

Our High School teams have helped construct cooking stoves for families, participated in reforestation projects, worked with local education professionals in an arts program, building water, sanitation and drainage systems, as well as participated in horticultural projects. What's more, many of the high school groups we work with design their own project to help communities in a way that directly relates to their coursework.


L’école Victor-Brodeur

Students from École Victor Bordeur, a French immersion school in British Columbia, undertook a very unique adventure of French, Spanish, and Ki'che language immersion while assisting our Maya Arts Program in Guatemala. 

A student's blog of this trip can be found here.

Flint Hill School

For an immersive experience in marketing and fundraising for business, high school students from Flint Hills School built a computer lab for a school in Quetzaltenengo, Guatemala. To better understand the intricacies surrounding fundraising and marketing, the students developed and carried out their own fundraising events to support their project.